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The School of Shaolin has a rotating class schedule. We choose to have this rotating schedule to give our training an all encompassing body workout that changes on a daily basis.

Each class starts with a warm up, then begins to focus on different aspects of our training:

  • Forms: We practice the full spectrum of our Shaolin, Tai Chi Praying Mantis, Seven Star Praying Mantis forms during these classes.
  • Kicks: Kicks are a very important part of our training we will use kicking shields and/or kicking bags to practice all of the kicks that exist in our forms.
  • Shuai-Chaio: Also known as Chinese wrestling, we will use mats during these classes to perform rolls, learn how to fall appropriately and practice techniques on each other that exist in our forms.
  • Chin-na: Our forms consist of a series of self defense movements. During this class, we also learn self defense techniques that may or may not exist in the forms, but may be more practical by practicing on our fellow student.
  • Weapons: Typically, as you gain knowledge and rank, you will be exposed to more and more weapons that have different ways of using them. During the advanced weapons class, you will practice all of these weapons forms that you have knowledge of.